This site is set up to sell any and all type of animals, from Horses to Cats and anything in between! is designed for selling animals. Although it sounds like we are based around bucking stock, that is not true.          
    Selling with us is completely FREE! It's simple to sell and at our home site we offer a complete animal management page to help with all of your animal needs.
    You can see our own line of horses if you visit Our Other Sites located in the menu bar. We breed Cutting bred horses and Ranch Bred horses and a few crosses between the two. We are partnered with a vet and completely willing to vet check any horse purchased from us. We are based out of Humble, Texas and will vet check any other animals you are willing to bring by from other sellers.
    All outside parties must agree to all the terms set in place themselves. We do not participate with any outside sellers unless asked. is our home site where you enter your animals to sell and is our management page. Selling your horses is easy and simple but we are looking for people to try out the animal management side of the app. We would much appreciate it if you would give us any feedback you may have helping us to improve and better help you!
    Feel free to contact us is you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to help you in anyway!

V.E.T.S.patient history records are available and viewable online for all animals that WE sell.

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