is the name and although we are happy to sell bucking horses and bucking bulls we are so much more.
  • We ride, breed and sell our own line of Blue Valentine/Hancock bred Quarter horses. Sometimes they buck, but like all good Hancock breeders we try not to admit it in public.
  • We have a line of endurance proven Arabians that we sell. It is really hard to get one of them to buck but if you don't ride them right, Arabs are smart and will quickly pick up what you are laying down.
  • We market the V.E.T.S. Little Mustang Program on this site. This program is administered through the Mustang Heritage Foundation's Trainer Incentive Program and the BLM's Wild Horse Program. We are contractually obligated to keep them away from the fun side of the rodeo arena and we take this agreement seriously.
  • We sell consigned horses of all types: Dressage Horses, Hunter/Jumpers, Rope Horses, Trail Horses and everything else. All of our consigned horses come with a complete vet check, X-rays and a copy of our patient history records. We just check their health, we don't check and see how they buck so you will have to take the owners word on that.
  • We sell a complete line of meat animals ready for market. If they buck, we'll keep 'em and sell them in the first category and you can not eat them.
    • cattle
    • goats
    • lambs
  • We have been investigating the bustin' mutton market as of late but haven't yet taken the leap.

V.E.T.S.patient history records are available and viewable online for all animals that we sell/adopt through this site

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